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Coronavirus Protocol

In this difficult time, extra precautions are needed.


Below are some of the steps and protocols that Antonio will be taking in order to try to protect you and to guarantee everyone's safety.

These Protocols were set up to follow scientific and government guidelines.

How clean is the Makeup?

All the makeup, brushes and tools would be properly cleaned and disinfected with a solution of 70% Alcohol and not less than 1% of Hydrogen Peroxide. In addition to this, everything will go inside a UVC light disinfecting box for at least 15 minutes. This process would be done before and after every single session.


The makeup kit will be prepare the night before and Antonio will wash and sanitize his hands before and after handling the makeup. Gloves may be used for extra precaution.

Makeup services will be limited in order to allow enough time for this process to be carefully compleated. Under no circumstance will be rush this process.

What About PPE?

To provide a good service, any makeup artist would have to be close enough to a model. To protect you, Antonio will be working with Personal Protective Equipment or PPE. This means he will be wearing a disposable Face Mask, Gloves and a Shield Visor. Similar to what a Dentist would normally wear.

Before and after any costumer, Antonio will wash and sanitize his hands. Also, gloves are available and may be used as an extra precautionary method.

Antonio will carry with him a Laser Thermometer, this one can be used to check or monitor anyone temperature including Antonio himself.

What can I do to help?

Create a mood board. As makeup would have to be cleaned, disinfect and packed accordingly, it would be really helpful if you have a clear idea or direction for the makeup. please share this Idea with Antonio, at least a day before your appointment, otherwise, he will have to pack generic items.


Be Responsible. Antonio is taking many measures to meet government guidelines. Antonio kindly askes you to do the same

It is better to prevent than to heal. If you are not feeling well or develop any symptoms before or after your appointment, you must contact Antonio and the rest of the team. By contacting and tracing we can help to stop the spread of this virus.

Be patient. Antonio is taking any measures he can to try to guarantee your safety, sometimes these protocols can make the makeup application a bit more time consuming than normal. Please understand that we all are on this together.  

Have a Videoconference instead, Normally Antonio likes to meet his clients in coffee shops or restaurants ...especially brides. Due to the current situation, it would be safer for everyone to meet online via video call.

Ask questions. During times of uncertainty, it is normal for some people to develop anxiety. if you are feeling anxious or unsure about anything to do with your appointment, please don't hesitate to contact Antonio. He is more than happy to provide any information or details not previously covered.

What else has changed?

Current government guidelines state:

.- To keep the makeup retouching to the bare minimum.

.- Eating or drinking during the makeup application is no longer permitted

.- Any other team member (photographer, stylist, designer, etc) should practice Social Distance

.- The use of the hairdryer would be minimized to stop a possible airborne transmission.

.- Only Antonio can touch the tools and products provided.

What else should I know?

Antonio has the knowledge and he is experienced about best practices and sanitation of all makeup equipment. He has also completed SAFE SETS and BARBICIDE Courses.

Due to the nature of COVID-19, you should understand and agree that there will always be a risk, but, Antonio has taken many measures to try to guarantee the safety of his service and he is committed to improving following common sense and scientific guidance.

A little message from Antonio:

This is a very difficult and uncertain time for everyone in this industry, but let's not forget that we are in this together. We are the only ones who can make a difference and really try to stop the spread of the virus.


Let's look after each other, let's do our part, and hopefully, we all go back to normal soon.

Stay Safe. Kind Regards.

Antonio de la Cruz.

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