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Meet the Artist


Antonio Cruz is a Manchester based Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist, working internationally in multiple aspects of the makeup industry.


Originally born in Venezuela, Antonio left and grew up on the Spanish island of Tenerife. Now he is living in Manchester UK, where he works with Production Companies, Model Agencies, Celebrities and Brides.

For over a decade, Antonio was originally pursuing a different career, however, his real passion has always been makeup. Eventually, he took the plunge and decided to drop everything to turn his passion into a career.

Antonio is a true believer that hard work and determination pays off. Being adaptable and creative enough to make your imagination come to life.


His passion and level of professionalism has enabled him to quickly establish himself as the Makeup Artist he is today.

What he has to offer



He is very experienced within all skin tones and makeup styles, from "Glass Skin" to "Red Carpet" to "Drag".


Master of customising and personalising colours, he loves tailor-making looks to each individual.

He doesn't believe in "specific products", he sees makeup as "Colours and Textures". Because of this, he developed a different approach to applying makeup.

Antonio's ability to style hair separates him from other makeup artists. He is not afraid of taking on a challenge as he has proven himself time and time again.

Offering his services around Europe, his clientele consists of Production Companies, Model Agencies, Celebrities and Brides. He loves helping people of all races, backgrounds and nationalities to feel confident and look beautiful.

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